History Harvest Artifacts

Each of the artifacts below was contributed by a member of the IU community during our History Harvest event in October of 2019.

Grateful Dead Hat

Drew Heiderscheidt

A turquoise strap-back hat with a 1-inch purple embroidered Grateful Dead dancing bear on the front.

Guacardo Plush Toy

Vanessa Elias

Stuffed Avacado from "wearemitu"

Berlin Subway Ticket

Navdeep Sharma

A subway ticket from the Berlin subway.

Dorodango Polished Mudballs

Christopher Nunn

Six small, polished mud balls made of clay

21 Hat

Ethan Shiman

This hat came from a restaurant with tons of mob history in New York City.

Alebrije Cat

Erika Sosa Garcia

A colorful, wooden animal that portrays the creativity and artistry of Oaxaca, Mexico

Bithday Banner

Julie Hardesty

A birthday banner that has been used for birthday celebrations over the last 20 years.


Phillip Snider

Snake Tattoo

Kate Eddens

A tattoo of a snake wrapped around a woman's hand in black, blue, and orange, with a *1.3*.

Kleen Kanteen

anonymous object contributor

A well-loved and -used Kleen Kanteen Thermos that the contributor never leaves home without.

Malachi the Dog

Krista Bozacki

A brown and black two-year-old boston terrior / beagle mix

Catalog of Notable Medical Books

Nelson R. Shaffer

A rare medical book that contains a collection of other medical books from the Lilly Library

Recycled Pillow Sham Purse

Kathy Shaffer

Once pillow sham repurposed as a purse by the contributor of the object.

Handmade Pano Textile


Embroidered purple, red, pink, blue, orange, and green motifs on a black fabric. The black fabric is surrounded by a gray border.

Bike Helmet

anonymous object contributor

A bike helmet that is frequently used in nice weather.

Red Lipstick

AJ Boyd

A red lipstick that allows the contributor to stand out and show the world one of her joys.

Silver Necklace

Jing Jiang

A silver necklace recieved as a birthday present from her parents in China

Homemade T-Shirts

Whitney Riley

Thigh Tattoo

Veronica Casillas

Van's Era Shoes

J’essence Reynolds

Colorful and vibrant low top shoes with a white sole and white laces. They have black and white checkers with a yellow stripe right through the shoe. It also has...

Jungkook Photocard

Lanya Hayes

Samba Shoes

Liz McHugh

Prato Plate

anonymous object contributor

Guatemalan Beaded Lizard Keychain

anonymous object contributor

Kente Sash

Sophia Okotah

I am worthy

Victoria A. Jones

Small navy blue pin, with red letters.


Neha Narayan


anonymous object contributor

Nana's Cobija

Rebecca Neri

Pair of blue, yellow and white crocheted blankets, one larger than the other.

Tribal Picture

Koa Neri

Drawing of a planned tattoo showing the seal of Guam as well as other symbols referencing stregnth, birds, and homes.

PhD Pin

Samantha Demmerle


Mariah Isbell

Library card

Leanne Nay

Snipe Hunting Scar

Arianna Buehler

Gorn Painting

Bryan Wheeler

Hand-painted custom painting of the Gorn from Star Trek


Taylor Irvin

Kingdom Hearts Pin

Elizabeth Irvin

Drawing Symbols Cleats

Marcelino Ball

Candy-striped, spiked cleats with broken hearts on the outside painted in black. Adidas three-stripe logo has been painted gold.

Water Bottle

Jack Reasner

IU Logo Cap

Shreehari Agarwal


Paul Centanni

Recipes From the Heart of Hawaii's Puerto Ricans

Kalani Craig

A Cookbook of various recipes from the Puerto Rican Hawaiian community.

Dragon Kimono

Caitlyn Smallwood

A dragon embroidered kimono from roughly 1943. Silk material and fully colored.

Baby Blanket

Matthew Landini

La Casa T-shirt

Celine Fernandez

DC Pack

Jason Michalek